Desert Chill's One Shot Soft Serve Ice Cream, Better than Traditional Machines

Desert Chill Ice Cream's soft serve machines and capsules are available for hotels and restaurants across UAE. Low entry cost, no cleaning and varied flavours.

March 29, 2021

Desert Chill Ice Cream is proud to present our revolutionary soft serve ice cream dispensing system - One Shot.

The unique One Shot system allows users to serve a wide variety of soft ice cream flavours from the same dispenser. This is done by the use of innovative ice cream capsules that are inserted into the dispenser, resulting in a perfectly measured serving of ice soft ice cream every time.

Traditionally, it has been extremely difficult for smaller outlets to run soft ice cream machine effectively. This is because of the high machinery costs associated with the equipment. Even if you are lucky enough to own one, you are usually just limited to one flavour only.

As well as flavour limitations and high investment costs, the ice cream mix used creates issues around sanitisation. The internal components of the machine need to be cleaned daily, creating potentially unwanted liability risks for operators.

Another crucial aspect to consider for anyone wanting to launch into the soft serve space is theft risk and stock management. Our capsules make stocktaking a simple task, with pre-measured servings designed to eliminate inconsistencies in portion size that create the vulnerabilities that lead to theft.

Our One Shot dispensing units are available for purchase, allowing you to enter into the market for a fraction of the traditional cost. We can also custom develop flavoured capsules specifically for your outlet, allowing you to offer a truly unique product to your clientele.

To find out more and get a quote for launching One Shot in your outlets please email


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